CycleNation 2017!

We survived!


4 employees, 3 spouses, 3 children, and the baby of the Weigh to Wellness Denver family came out to support CycleNation this year.

We cycled for 2 hours outdoors at the Tivoli Quad to help bring awareness to cardiac disease and stroke. This was a fun, motivational event with upbeat music, great instructors, and inspiring survivor stories. So far, $661,059 has been raised to support the American Heart and Stroke Association through the CycleNation events.

The event was a great reminder that heart disease and stroke can affect any one of us, even if we are seemingly healthy. We strongly encourage our patients to take an active role in reducing their risk of developing these diseases. This includes knowing your numbers, such as your cholesterol, and adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle.

More on how to reduce your risk coming soon!