Good Reads for a Healthy Heart

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February is Healthy Heart Month.  It is a time for sharing our love through sending flowers and valentine cards, eating chocolate and learning about heart health!  Our heart is a vital organ that requires not only love but adequate nourishment and rest! Check out some of these great resources for improving your heart health today.

Today we are going to focus on nourishment through a heart-healthy diet!  When we think of healthy heart recipes we think of minimally processed foods and an abundance of plant foods.  Here are a couple of excellent resources for eating a heart healthy diet:

The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution  provides healthy recipes as well as a nutrition expert, Marla Heller, MS, RD created and approved 4-week structured meal plan.  The  DASH Diet has been rated #1 for the past 8 years from the U.S. and World Report.  The Dash is considered an ideal meal plan for diabetes, heart health, and healthy eating.  You may consider finding a new strategy or recipe in this great read!  Following a structured plan for a month or adding a new recipe to your current meal planning routine creates long-term healthy habits for sustainable wellness.   Depending on what your food and habit personality is, learning about new strategies and resources improves quality of life.

Beyond the Mediterranean Diet  is a great resource if you are interested in looking deeper into European heart health strategies and it includes 50 recipes!  Layne Lieberman, Registered Dietitian, discovered that three European countries were leaders in longevity, with very low rates of heart disease.  The Mediterranean Diet  is recognized as a top contender of diets for a healthy heart. Foods that are typically incorporated in this plan are whole foods including bean, grains, high-quality dairy, fish, olive oil and an abundance of fruits and vegetables.   The Mediterranean diet gained it’s popularity in the 1990’s and continues to be a primary recommendation for meal planning for most people.  The diet helps to decrease LDL cholesterol which supports heart health.   This plan incorporates balance in moderation by allowing red meat and wine on a mindful basis.  Balance and moderation are key tools for heart health success.

The South Beach Diet Heart Health Revolution:  Cardiac Prevention That Can Reverse Heart Attacks and Strokes by Arthur Agatston MD Miami, steps deeper into sharing expert knowledge regarding heart health and provides readers a deeper understanding to become an active leader in their heart health.    The South Beach diet consists of 3 phases and focuses on a low carb plan in the first phase.  For those that are looking for structure and motivation, these resource may be a good fit.  They are even offering meal delivery services.

Having a healthy heart requires continued focus on learning and growing.  By adding one new habit or resource to your wellness routine, you can have long-term sustainable success.  No matter what book you read or recipe you try, rely on Weigh to Wellness Denver for encouragement and guidance on your wellness journey!