What is so great about snack chips?

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When we think of our favorite snack,  chips are a popular choice.   Chips became popular in the latter half of the 20th century, first the potato chip and then the corn chip.  The potato chip was invented in 1800’s and has been in the spotlight ever since.  The potato chip is estimated to make up 1/3 of the snack market.    Potato chips may be fried or baked or maybe even both.  The other famous snack chip is the corn chip.  The corn chip became popular in the 1940’s from the idea of using the miss-shaped tortillas for a snack.

Now in the 21st century, we have gotten much more creative.  The food industry, driven by skyrocketing insurance premiums and the obesity epidemic, continues to add new exciting options to our grocery markets.    Food manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and are working hard to provide updated options for our starchy, fatty,  salty delicious snack! You have seen the “baked” only versions,  which are lower in calorie and fat, but have you seen the most recent options? Kale, beets, dehydrated, roasted and baked are just some of the options you’ll see on the grocery store shelves these days.

Eating with all of our senses is our primary goal when eating mindfully. Mindfulness is a key practice for beating the obesity epidemic. Food that is brightly colored; smells good, has a hard texture and sounds “crunchy” when you eat it is really satisfying.   Now think about where your chip is made, how the ingredients are grown and why the producer is manufacturing the chips.  Now let’s talk chips in the 21st century!

Kale Chips

My favorite brand is Brad’s.  Brad’s Raw Crunchy Kale starts out with the most nutritionally dense leafy green vegetable available…fresh, leafy kale! It’s then battered up with flavorful, natural ingredients such as raw cashews, sunflower seeds, & spices to give the kale that extra punch of flavor.  If you have never tasted kale chips before this may be a good first choice.  Read about the company before you eat it!  This may create more of a liking for it!

Beet Chips

Beet chips are the latest healthier snack chip option.  You can find them in most major grocery stores.  They may be slightly more expensive than what you are used to paying for a chip but are a nice alternative than our traditional counterparts.  You never thought you would like beets? Well, this is one way to add a little more nutrition to your day while still getting in your daily crunch requirement.


Home Made Veggie Chips

Even though you may not be able to buy this already made, you can make it at home.    We put the radish to the test and tried 2 different variety of radishes.

Step 1: Go to the store and buy some.  I recommend trying an Asian grocery store.  You can find some really interesting options there and cheap too!

Step 2:  It is time to slice and dice.  You can use a knife or a food processor or mandolin if you have one.

Step 3:  Put in a bowl, add your favorite spices and mix.  I like using spice blends.  You can always keep it simple and stick with salt and pepper!  You may also consider adding a little veggie oil to the mix for a smoother and more even roast!

Step 4: Place in a single layer on your baking sheet, make sure there is no overlapping.

Step 5:  Roast for 30 minutes (or so) in a preheated 400 F over.  This is where it may get tricky.  You need to check your chip after 20 minutes and then every 10 minutes, depending on the width and fluid density in the chip, it may take longer for the crunch you are looking for.

The good news is that once you make your own chips a few times, you become the master and can try different veggies for chips. Try rutabaga, turnip, sweet potato, collards, anything goes.

Parm Chips

For those of you following a low carb plan, this chip is a great option.  We have found a few variations in the store.  They can be found next to the parm cheese or with the salad toppings. This may be one chip to consider making from scratch if it becomes a staple snack in the household.  Buying bulk grated parm cheese may be your cheapest option.

Jelly Fish Chips

Thinking outside the box has really taken us far.  Finally, we are really looking deeper; deeper into our oceans!  Danish scientists combined their expertise in biophysics and biochemistry to gain a better understanding of how food preparation affects jellyfish from the inside out, turning it into a crunchy chip.  Now if we did not know that it was actually from a jellyfish would it taste better?  It may take a couple times try something to be able to tell if you really like it.  If it looks like a chip and tastes like a chip, isn’t a chip?

We eat with all our senses and enjoy eating with our hands.  Do you really think you will ever stop snacking on chips?  Well, you do not have to wonder, you just have to try some balance and moderation or be brave and try something new.  You never know you just might like it!