Eat. Real. Food.


I have recently seen this article floating around the internet :

The Last Conversation You Will Ever Have to Have About Eating Right by Dr. David Katz and Mark Bittman, author of the popular How to Cook Everything series.

How to

The main takeaway I got from this article?

Eat. Real. Food.


I believe this is the one thing just about all diet/nutrition experts can agree on. Real, whole, unprocessed foods are nourishing and beneficial for our bodies. In general, the more plant foods consumed, the better. This is hard to disagree with. In today’s society though, it is not always possible or practical.

There are certain circumstances where we focus on meal replacements when significant weight loss is needed quickly, but the goal is to include and/or transition to whole foods. There are also other scenarios where foods such as meal/snack replacements are useful for a quick and likely high protein source of nutrition. These situations come up, and it is great that we have these options available.

At Weigh to Wellness Denver, we believe in individualized nutrition plans for our patients. Often when a dietary plan is followed, weight is lost, whether it be through ketosis, low fat, low calorie, paleo, macronutrient counting, etc.  These diets can all incorporate nourishing foods for our bodies. The trick is to find which health plan works best for you individually and your lifestyle so that long-term goals can be achieved and maintained. There is no one “right diet” for everyone. Do you have a problem incorporating real food into your daily routine? We can help you find a way to Eat. Real. Food.