Ketogenic Products

This blog post is to help give guidance on some products that are available specifically for the ketogenic diet.  These products are ones I have tried myself and what I have found to be good items.  Please note that you do not have to buy these products to be healthier nor are they necessary to be on a ketogenic diet.

MCT oils:

MCT oils are a good dietary additive because these fats go straight to the liver after reaching the small intestine without needed digestive enzymes.  The liver then turns the fat into ketones to be used for energy very quickly.  I personally add MCT oil to my coffee in the morning.  You can also add MCT oil to your dressings to get more calories from fat in your daily diet. The MCT oil brand below is what I use and it can be found at Whole foods.

MCT oil

Exogenous Ketones:

Exogenous ketones are used to help increase your blood ketone levels quickly.  This is mostly used by athletes to help them workout for longer periods of time without having to up their carbohydrate intake.  For the average ketogenic diet follower the exogenous ketones can 1: help you get over the initial “keto flu” symptoms by getting you into ketosis faster 2: if you are in a situation where you are on vacation or unable to follow a low carb meal you can take exogenous ketones to help keep you from being thrown out of ketosis.  If you take exogenous ketones after your non-keto meal it will help your body continue to use ketones for energy instead of glucose. Please note that you should follow the instructions provided on when to take the ketones and how much to use.  There are a couple drawbacks to using exogenous ketones 1: They do not taste good.  Some people have compared them to rubbing alcohol. 2.) They are expensive.  They can vary from 3$ to 5$ per serving. 3.) The exogenous ketones are not meant to allow you to “cheat” on the low carb diet.  They are meant to be used as needed but not multiple times a day.

The brand pictured below was voted the best exogenous ketone supplement in 2018 based off taste, quality ingredients, price.  Another good brand is Ketogenics.

ketond ester


Keto friendly snack bars:

Out of the products that I have tried on the market my favorite keto friendly snack bar is the Bulletproof brand.  These bars contain collagen protein sources and high quality fats.  The bars have a higher fat content and the good thing is it has a high dietary fiber count which helps to keep your net carb intake low.  These bars have the least amount of processed ingredients unlike the majority of other snack bars (keto or not).  These bars kept me full for a longer period of time then any other bar I tried.  The only drawback I have is the price.  I use these snack bars in situations where ketogenic friendly food might not be available.  The price becomes a bit of a problem if you are using these daily.


Keto Bar is another brand that was voted the number one keto friendly snack bar on the market by a few professionals. It is meant to be a small meal replacement.  They have two flavors and they advertise these as being a good cure for a sweet tooth, and a grab and go keto friendly food. You do have to buy these online and in bulk.  Also note that they are best if used within two months of purchase.

keto bar

Ketogenic Friendly Pre-Made Desserts:

There are a bunch of good ketogenic cacao based pre-made desserts on the market.  To get some diversity in your diet I recommend: keto cups and halo top ice cream.  The halo cups are good for people who have their ice cream cravings. Just remember that just because it is lower carb doesn’t mean you can have as much as you want.  It is still important to count your net carb intake for the day and see if having a dessert is possible.

halo ice creamketo cups




  1. Bobbie Meininger says:

    I know Laura told me that she buys keto cups at Whole Foods but I have been to 3 Whole Foods and none carry them. Which store does she go to?


  2. LauraFry84 says:

    Currently this company is not able to keep up with demand of the product and is out of stock in many places. You can order them directly from the company and have them shipped to you. I have copied in places that sell this product online and a link to a website with keto dessert recipes that you can try at home. Keep posting questions if you have them.


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