Products to Help with Blood Glucose Control

1.) Vegetable spiralizer.

These gadgets can help you lower your carbohydrate intake by cutting out refined white flour pasta and increasing vegetable intake.  Increased vegetable intake can help with weight loss by adding fiber which keeps you more satisfied.  The fiber content in vegetables also helps blood glucose levels.

These spiralizers can range anywhere from small handheld devises to counter top machines.


2.) Crock pot/Instapot

A slow cooker or pressure cooker can help you make larger amounts of protein without much effort.  Getting adequate protein in your diet is essential for diabetes management.  The protein in foods do not effect your blood glucose levels and help keep you full. You can cook a couple pounds of meat in a crock pot without even having to labor in the kitchen for hours.  The instapot is able to cook your meats much faster than a crock pot and may be a good investment for busy schedule cooking.

crock pot

3.) Liquid Stevia

Is a natural sweetener that has zero calories and doesn’t effect blood glucose levels.  The good thing about stevia is that it is not a sugar alcohol and doesn’t have the issues of causing GI distress like sugar alcohols do. Stevia can be used in fluids and baking which makes it a very versatile sweetener.  Stevia has become widely available at most super markets.


4.)  Drink more water

Water is important for weight loss and blood glucose control.  When you have higher blood glucose levels you might  usually urinate more often and need to keep up with proper hydration.

Aqualert is a free app on android or iphone that will alert you throughout the day to drink fluids. You can track your fluid intake on this app as well.


Ulla Hydration helper

Can be attached to any water bottle to remind you to drink every 45 minutes.  Is about 30$ per Ulla.

5.) Incorporate healthy fats and oils.

Healthy fats can help you maintain a more consistent blood glucose level.  Healthy fats in your diet can also lead to reducing insulin levels. An example of how to add in a healthy fat like olive oil is to put them in great salad dressings. This product can help make homemade dressings easier to keep around.

salas dressing


I hope some of these products help!  Please let us know if you have any other products that have helped you control your blood glucose levels.