Products to Help Get Your Kids Get into Nutrition!

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This month our blogs are dedicated to kids nutrition! There are so many interesting topics we would love to discuss over the next few weeks. You can start off by looking at some of these helpful products to help feed your child more nutritious food and get them into the kitchen.  Some of these products are great for the “grab and go” lifestyle.  Some of these products were developed to help get your child curious about their food and teach them skills to use later in life.

  1. Oloves! Olives are a great snack food that are loaded with healthy fats. These little snack packs contain no pits and minimal liquid so they are perfect for an easy snack or addition to your lunch. This brand comes in a variety of flavors and can be purchased on Amazon.oloves
  2.  Kitchen Stands. Involve your little ones in the cooking process! Get them participating early on. Having a stand like this one from Little Partners allows your toddler to help you in the kitchen from an early age. This helps to pique their interest in their food and how it is prepared. Start them off with simple tasks such as mixing and throwing on spices and progress from there!


3. Once Upon a Farm Pouches. When you are on the run, these pouches are a quick and healthy way to nourish your little one. They use fresh, organic products and are cold pressed. They do require refrigeration because of this. They typically combine not only fruits and veggies, but also healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil and flax seeds.


4. RX packets Grab one of these new RX nut butters for another quick, healthy, on-the-go snack. These little pouches contain healthy fats and pack 9 grams of protein per pouch!


5. Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set. This is a great toy to help teach kids about healthy food choices. It also helps them to begin to develop the hand eye coordination needed to safely be in the kitchen. fruit

6.) The Curious Chef Fruit and  Vegetable Prep Kit.  This set is available online for about 20$. It has kid safe kitchen tools so that your kid can prep foods along with you.

kid meal prep

7.) Bento Lunchbox.  This is a great leak proof lunch box for your kids.  It has sections built in to separate food and create portion control.   Can be in a variety of colors and sold on Amazon for about 30$

lunch box