Enhance Your Mind While Stuck At Home

woman in yellow sweater wearing headphones using laptop
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Podcasts are a great way to expand your knowledge and give you a few “ah ha” moments in your life.  I think that podcasts are a great way to spark motivation when you have been in a rut.  Here is a list of some great podcasts that I like to use to help expand my knowledge and viewpoints.

How to get your Podcast:





Podcasts for remaining calm and meditating:

Tracks to Relax

sleep pod

Some guided meditations to help your mind unwind at night can help stop some of the daily anxiety from impairing your sleep.



Anxiety Slayer:

anxiety slayer

This is a great podcast that uses a mix of guided meditation, breathing methods, deep and insightful conversations and many other techniques to fight anxiety.



Historical Podcasts:

Stuff You Missed in History Class


These two quirky ladies do a great job of portraying historical facts along with good banter.   Very interesting topics as well that most history podcasts don’t cover.  Example being the discovery of insulin.



History Unplugged

history unplugged

On this podcast professional historians, doctors and others are brought on to the show to discuss their area of expertise.  I just listened to the podcast that compares Corona virus to the 1918 spanish flu.  Keeps it relevant and entertaining.



Nutrition Focused

Naturally Nourished 

naturally nourished

This is a great podcast that is meant for everyone to listen to and get good general health ideas.  It is not just for RDs which makes this more relevant to your daily life.  They are pretty quick listens as well.  They focus on functional medicine and more holistic approaches to your health.


Nutrition Matters

nutrition matters

This podcast is a breath of fresh air to me.  There is plenty of podcasts dedicated to the nuts and bolts of what nutrition and food is of course.  Where this podcast goes above and beyond is their dedication to self help through emotional, mental and psychological improvement and discovery.



Self Help Podcast

Jay Shetty On Purpose Podcast

jay shetty

Jay Shetty is taking the world by storm with his grounded and yet modern take on mental health.  He is a former monk turned motivational speaker.  He is great at reaching the general public in a personal way.  He is great of having topics you can relate to and use in your daily life.




Optimal Daily Living

optimal daily living

This podcast is really neat because it has different podcasts for the different aspects of life that you may need more info in at any given time.  There is a financial podcast, a relationship podcast, a mental health podcast, etc.


I hope that these podcasts can help get you through the long days at home or even those long drives to work.