Medical Weight Management Fact 1

Managing weight with the help of a medical professional can be a useful tool in treating
obesity. Weight management can greatly improve overall health and lessen the impact of
the diseases and conditions that can accompany obesity.

Fact 1 – Medical weight management options are available for individuals living with excess weight and obesity and have proven results following modest to moderate weight-loss:

  • Effective treatment can be provided in primary care settings, weight management clinics, community-based programs, by a dietitian, web-based programs or through commercial programs that are evidence-based.
  • Overall lifestyle modifications generally result in a weight-loss of 5-10% of excess body weight.
  • Individuals participating in weight management programs tend to lose 3-5% more weight than those following self-directed programs.
  • To achieve the greatest rate of success, lifestyle modifications should have manageable goals and include eating habits, physical activity and overall behavior modifications. They may also include prescription medications for continued weight management.
  • Medications approved for long-term obesity treatment, when used with lifestyle modifications, lead to greater weight-loss and increased likelihood of meaningful 1-year weight outcomes.
  • Some of the medications used for long-term weight management have been proven to achieve weight-loss of 5-15%. Results of the use of medication for the treatment of obesity may vary.

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