Medical Weight Management Fact 6

Managing weight with the help of a medical professional can be a useful tool in treating
obesity. Weight management can greatly improve overall health and lessen the impact of
the diseases and conditions that can accompany obesity.

Insurance coverage for medical weight management is not sufficient. Many individuals affected by excess weight and obesity do not have access to specialized care. This places an economic burden on the healthcare system as costs increase with disease progression.

  • Offering medical treatment for obesity makes economic sense as these individuals are at risk for developing additional and costlier chronic diseases.
  • State and individual spending on obesity-related medical care varies by state. For example, in New York 10.9% of Medicaid spending was for obesity-related illness while Kentucky and Wisconsin each spent 20%.
  • In 2008 the total amount spent on medical costs associated with obesity was $147 billion. That equates to an individual increase in health care costs of $1,429 each year compared to an individual without obesity.

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