The 411 on Meat Substitutes

Meat substitutes have become a revolution in the food industry. You can now find these meat substitutes at every major grocery store and at a variety of restaurants. These products can be used to help vegetarians and vegans have more variety in their meals and make it easier to eat meals with friends and family….

Make Meal Planning Easy

Kick off 2021 by revamping your meal planning routine! We are constantly hearing our clients say that meal planning is the hardest part of eating healthy. Yes, it’s hard to meal plan and it is time consuming. Luckily there are ways to make it easier. The following companies have streamlined the art of meal prepping….

Get to Know GERD

GERD is short for gastroesophageal reflux disease.  GERD affects almost 30% of adults and is a chronic condition.  GERD can be triggered by many things that we will discuss in this blog.  In order to be diagnosed with GERD you are most likely experiencing these symptoms multiple times a week.   Since GERD is something you…

Vitamin D It’s all the Craze

Vitamin D deficiency is something that around 42% of Americans are afflicted with.  There are not many natural sources of this vitamin.  Some professionals believe that vitamin D should actually be considered a hormone and not a nutrient.  The reason for this is because vitamin D has to be activated by the kidneys before your…

How to get local produce and other groceries in the Denver area

Here are ways that you can get fresh produce in the Denver area even though most farmers markets are closed right now.  Most of these services are curb side pick up from pre-made boxes of food or delivered to your home. The links below are companies that utilize mostly local food sources at affordable prices….

Frozen vegetable recipes

Do you have an influx of frozen vegetables in your freezer?  Most of us stocked up of frozen goods at the start of the “stay at home” measures.  If you are not used to eating frozen vegetables regularly then you might be wondering what to do with them?  We hope this blog can help you…